Monday, March 17, 2008


running on minimal sleep from last nights all nighter, needs to get ready for another big night. off deep into the suburbs for mandy moo's 21st. lotsa lake crew. gin down the hatch like no tommoro. bail mid-speech to catch train. meet tropical tommy, little man, lochy and sana at the zoo. bit of snuff. múm starts playing and we bump again. blown away by múm's bullshit amazing tones. mind melts over mostintense fuzz i've ever heard at the zoo. we all dance to celebrate what we just heard.
need to dance more so decide to go upstairs ric's. meet stu-biz mid-street and about-face to mick's. em party is there. a fair bit of crew. get's a bit wild. lotsa fun dancing. pineapples and last drinks mean its time to go. off to a packed out ric's for more drinks and loose dancing with alice and charlie. finally off to marnie's by foot. beckett become's spiderman climbing walls and fences to massive excavators. charlie and kylie can't make the walk. dangerous beckett and little man combo at hungry's drive through. 5 cheese burgers, 1 whopper, 1 large coke and massive roll of about a thousand drive through free upgrade stickers. stickers all over marnie's face. destination finally reached. pizza, grill, wine and dancing. vinyl party on marnie's bed till sun decides to make its presence. shuts eyes before full blown sun. andy and strath pickups in the morn. trade GOMA sesh with apartment ben for some seriously needed z's before last milton bowl session ever! will miss that place. what a w'end.

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