Wednesday, December 26, 2007

apple isle xmas

family bailed os for a couple of weeks so was lonely in qld. bailed to tas to hang with the cucueco's. long drive to freycinet peninsula armed with a six-pack to make the painstaking hike over the hazards into the picturesque wine glass bay. wallabies and shit. this lil island is truly stunning. met up with an old mate kingy and had coffee at salamanca at 8pm and seemed like it 3 in the arv. fucking weird. sydney to hobart yachts started rocking up to tassie and so the Taste food and wine festival was on. had some seriously amazing food. copped a random call which turned out to be cooper. rizza and coops were down for falls fest. loose night with those cats till the early hours. quick stop into the casino for a bit of black jack. home by 4am only to get up an hour later to catch a painful flight to sydney. rip lola.