Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Good Ol' Coiny

easter hols. get off work. break tom's window. pack the car, leave the phone and we're off. stop for some dirty chicken in logan and tommy is confronted by a hungry pissed off beral clearly needing a hit of the colonel's 5 spices to counteract her ice withdrawals. on the road again, spark a doob and play mydisco's pleasure. getting a little too creepy for tom so we pull over and i take over driving duties. play some really old presets and it gets way creepier but we some how manage to make it to jim's in lennox. kick back and pass out.

wake up to an empty house, jim and david have bailed. surf time. find the two. beckett cooks an epic brekky. have a little skate out the front. tom get a little too low on a laid back sessy and grazes himself. pullapart tom's door for a bit of bakcyard mechanics and the window is proper shut. off to angourie...

rabbage, princey, mickey, matty bang, and chopsy are already at the pad. arhhh can't be fucked typing so the rest of the w'end goes...
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