Tuesday, January 1, 2008

so this is a new year

a lot of shit happened over the couple of days over new years. seedy seedy flight from tas to sydney. yum cha. supply. paddington markets. jose gonzales (fanks andy!). 77, booze. wigg out in creepy toilet. booze. soho. booze. booze. more booze. blue skies. bondi markets. flossy jackets. beach. shitloads of people. cheap monday. garage gallery. tonkey. meghan's ramazing roast dinner. something. bondi again. stu almost choking to death at brekky. beach. chinga dilemas. oxford art gallery. booze. teenagers in tokyo. booze. valentinos. booze. new years. booze. silly string. more booze. meghan frothing over bar dude. cigarettos. seinfeld. meghan on the toilet. melting. yum cha. arcade games. delayed flight. home sweet home.

thanks to millsy for all my cheap flights. shout out to kate, meghan & sophie. thanks. was a bunch of fun.

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